FroXx GmbH

Our vision is to merge people, machines, technology, and processes in the Industry 4.0, facilitating an integrative interaction of people with technology within an organization.


Industry 4.0 can only be made possible by digitalization

In the future, digitalization will become part of the entire value chain. Thus, we are helping to shape the Digital Transformation in the working place.


“This is done throughout technology processes based on the DevOps model in combination with Continuous Integration. We use Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies. AR describes an extension of reality through virtual content, for example via smartphones or special glasses. Virtual content can include texts, photos, graphics, or three-dimensional objects."

Rodrigo Beyer Fernandez, CEO of FroXx GmbH


We shape the future together

In the era of Industry 4.0, the factory should talk to the machine, the machines exchange data with each other. And people should also monitor the whole process from their smartphone or tablet.


3D Remote Services Using Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality connects the environment with objects that are retrieved from the database; examples are the virtual placement of a 5G antenna on the property or checking if the respective antenna can be installed in the field. The areas of application are very diverse in the industry:
1.    Remote assistance for Telco & data centers,
2.    Field operations preventive maintenance
We support our customers in the digitalization of the entire value chain.

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App Development & Management

At FroXx, we believe in a human-centered approach to solving complex challenges for our clients. As a result, we are working intensively in the area of industry 4.0 on innovative solutions based on X-as-a-Service by exploiting extended reality capabilities (AR / MR). Our customers’ requirements are converted into solutions for specific use cases:

1.  WebRTC-based applications for the enterprise and consumer markets,

2.  Blockchain-powered business processes e.g. change and inspection management

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Consulting & System Integration

Today our solutions are based on project-related consulting activities.
This determines which solution can ideally be used to achieve the customer's goals.
We work with X-as-a-Service solutions and solutions in augmented/merged reality for Industry 4.0 - besides, the digitization of production processes and increased efficiency with the interaction of people, hardware, and software and with special reference to: 
1. Project-based for data center goods received layers and integration into incumbent systems 
2. Inspection and approval management, auditing, and release management