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Visual Assistance

Industry 4.0 is only possible with digitalization 

Digitalization is becoming part of the entire value chain. We are helping to shape the Digital Transformation in the workplace. 

“We are doing this with technology processes based on the DevOps model in combination with Continuous Integration. We use Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies. AR describes an extension of reality through virtual content, for example via smartphones or smart glasses. Virtual content can include texts, photos, graphics, or three-dimensional objects." 

Rodrigo Beyer Fernandez, CEO of FroXx Industries

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FroXx Industries

Our vision is to develop innovative IT solutions in a socially responsible way that benefit society in terms of improved effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability.​

We shape the future together

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XR Remote Solutions

Extended Reality (XR) solutions connect the environment with objects that are retrieved from a database. Examples include the virtual placement of a 5G antenna on a property or checking whether the antenna can be installed elsewhere in the field. The areas of industrial application are very diverse and include: 

1.    Extended Reality (XR) Remote Assistance for Telco & data centers 

2.    Field operations and preventive maintenance 

We support our customers in the digitalization of the entire value chain. 

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App Development & Management

At FroXx, we believe in a human-centered approach to solving complex challenges for our clients. As a result, we are working intensively in the area of Industry 4.0 on innovative solutions based on X-as-a-Service by exploiting, for example, Mixed Reality (MR),  Augmented Reality (AR), and blockchain capabilities. Our customers’ requirements are converted into solutions for specific use cases, including: 

1.  WebRTC-based applications for the enterprise and consumer markets 

2. Support and maintenance with Visual Assistance 

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Inspection Management with Blockchain capabilities 

The blockchain-based Inspection Management application provides an organized environment for orders, invoices, transactions, testing, inspection reports and other important information which could be stored in the blockchain. 

The interaction between the supplier and the client can be facilitated via a set of records which are visible at all stages of the interaction. This is why we secured the process in an environment which provides secure, trackable ('traceability'), and improved performance (efficiency of the interaction). The purpose is to store this data in a ledger, which can be public (records can also be accessed by other parties) or private. 

The interaction between the parties (depending on the level of detail of the integration) is logged with reference data and a timestamp. The records will remain accessible, which provides visibility of the transaction history. 

Intermediate steps ensure secure interaction between the parties in the implementation of various scenarios based on blockchain data confirmation (e.g. when goods are delivered and have been validated against various criteria, the invoice is submitted automatically). 

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