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Digitalization and Why Businesses Are Compelled To Go For Digital Transformation

Everyone, including individuals and businesses, knows that digitalization is inevitable. However, the global pandemic has impacted every facet of society, forcing organizations to embrace digitalization sooner than they had expected.

Why Did The COVID-19 Pandemic Force Many Businesses To Embrace Digitalization Sooner Than They Had Expected?

Eliminating the idea of technology boundaries enables us to reimagine each aspect of a business’ entire purpose and value-generation chain. The health crisis pushed people and companies to be open to a digital mindset and unlock previously unseen business model possibilities.

In 2020, the world just realized that this already-existing tendency had to be accelerated. By having an open-minded attitude about the benefits that digital technologies can bring to people, processes, and businesses, we open a new world of opportunities. In addition to business meetings and people working from home, students are also taking classes from home on Zoom. The credit for all of this goes to Digital Transformation, and this is where FroXx positions itself: new opportunities.

How Has Technology Acted As A Lifeline For Many Businesses Throughout The Pandemic?

Well, let’s be honest, both individuals and businesses couldn’t have gone through the pandemic without modern technology. Technology has been important for businesses throughout the pandemic for three reasons:

• Social distancing and lockdowns imply that a post-COVID-19 world will be digital,

• Cloud computing is vital for keeping businesses running. More than ever, companies can access cloud capabilities to solve their problems,

• Physical interactions and spaces are reimagined with remote solutions bringing professional activities to the home or remote working areas.

FroXx focuses on offering companies the means to succeed in their Digital Transformation journey. For example, applications using smart glasses enhance and enrich personal interaction, changing how an organization and its staff share information and take actions and decisions.

Such Devices Are Used By Companies In The Industrial Sectors To Control Their Internal Processes And For Remote Audits. Is FroXx also present in these processes?

For decades, the IT industry has developed fascinating solutions and changed the lives of countless people. Currently, thousands of companies throughout the world are working on developing services with the potential to revolutionize major production sectors in natural resources, industry, and services.

Technology is the basis of all Digital Transformation initiatives, be it a new project management software for internal use or specific digital products created to appeal to new customers.

By using smart glasses integrated with a remote assistance platform, as offered by FroXx, a person conducting an audit can convert visual data into documents and take photos or videos. An auditor will do all these actions and activities by using voice commands. An expert conducting an audit can follow all required steps in the process through smart glasses, access visual instructions, and even videos, avoiding errors and possible gaps.

When an increasingly large percentage of the workforce is digital native, in-house technology must be intuitive to use. This workforce understands our current challenges and how to improve cognitive performance. In addition, environmental, ethical and social responsibility considerations are key in using and developing new solutions.

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