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Five Reasons to Choose FroXx Visual Assistance for Customer Support Service

We live in a time of digital transformation and face-to-face meetings between people are no longer a big necessity. Nowadays, conference tools are widely used for communication, which is definitely a very convenient solution if a face-to-face meeting is not possible for some reason. Also, such tools simplify communication between people who are in different cities or countries.

However, conventional video conferencing tools are less suited for providing remote assistance. Today we'll take a look at the cutting-edge WebRTC solution called Visual Assistance from FroXx-Industries and find out the top five reasons that make it better than video conferencing tools.

Top 5 Benefits of using Visual Assistance

Let's take a look at five reasons that make FroXx-Industries' Visual Assistance solution better than regular video conferencing tools.

1. Ticketing system framework

The ticketing system framework used by Visual Assistance is a management tool that processes and catalogs customer service requests. Tickets, also known as service requests, should be properly stored along with relevant user information. The ticketing system framework is a convenient solution for customer service representatives, managers, and administrators.

2. Service request history

The service request history allows operators to collect data based on completed customer requests. Therefore, this feature allows you to monitor and collect data on the quality of services provided by support operators and also serves to improve troubleshooting. In other words, service request history is used to improve the quality of customer support service.

3. Visual Assistance tools

Visual Assistance is equipped with graphical tools that allow the support agent to visually show the customer the desired area on the video so that they can solve their problem. So, for example, when setting up a device, an agent can indicate to the customer specific actions so that they can do it on their own. In addition, these graphical tools allow agents to highlight specific areas or draw lines and arrows on video. In this way, the customer can be quickly directed to the desired element or location.

4. Customer Experience

Visual Assistance is designed to provide customers with the highest quality support services to help solve their various problems. All the advantages listed above allow companies to provide the most professional approach to solving customer problems and at the same time without the need for a specialist to visit the customer at home. The ticketing system framework allows you to optimize the interaction of the support service with the customer, and the tools provide an opportunity for agents to demonstrate clearly what and how the customer should solve a problem.

5. No app download

Visual Assistance from FroXx-Industries is a web-based solution. This makes it very easy for a customer or customer service agent to use the solution as no app needs to be downloaded and installed on their device. In order to start working with the tool, the service agent needs to send the customer an invitation with a web-link via email, SMS, or WhatsApp.


In conclusion, we can say that a solution like Visual Assistance is a convenient and technically advanced application for quickly identifying and solving issues by leveraging video support capabilities. This application not only allows you to communicate via a video call session but also includes advanced technologies and a ticketing system. In addition, this tool is web-based which is easy to use as no app needs to be downloaded or installed.

In general, Visual Assistance will become an indispensable solution for customer service centers.

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