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FroXx XR Pick-to-Light System - A New Era in Manufacturing

The assembly line in automobile factories is one of the most important links in the chain of car production. It is very important that all parts are correctly selected and installed so that the car is reliable and safe. Unfortunately, due to the human factor, mistakes sometimes occur that can lead to the fact that a sub-assembly will not pass quality control and has to be sent for rework.

To avoid such situations, various solutions are constantly being developed that help to simplify the process of assembling cars and eliminate the possibility of errors. Today, we will talk about one such revolutionary application that can become part of smart manufacturing. Next, we'll take a look at FroXx-Industries’ Extended Reality (XR) Pick-to-Light system.

What is XR Pick-to-Light?

XR Pick-to-Light (XR PtL) is an intuitive order-picking system that uses XR technology and XR smart glasses to create an immersive environment for the operator wearing the device. The glasses display instructions in the field of vision of the operator to pick the correct parts and quantities in the correct sequence. They also provide the operator step-by-step assembly instructions.

The system is used at a workstation on the assembly line to give workers instructions about their next steps. When a car reaches the workstation, the information is already provided through the XR smart glasses. They guide the operator to get the right part from each shelf. The XR PtL application embedded in the glasses reads the workstation’s QR code (or barcode) and retrieves all necessary details for the operator to perform the specific task.

Features and Benefits of XR Pick-to-Light

Now let's find out what features and benefits users can get with XR Pick-to-Light. Using the FroXx XR PtL system on an assembly line offers:

● A flexible system that can be applied to different use cases

● Ease of integration with different systems due to its software capabilities

● XR smart glasses provide visual guidance freeing up hands for activities

● The glasses are ergonomically designed for industrial activities

● The solution can be used at any workstation and can be quickly be reconfigured for different assembly activities

The XR Pick-to-Light system provides the following benefits:

● Reduction in human errors that are detrimental to assembly activities, order picking, and kitting

● Increased efficiency, which allows workers to more quickly and efficiently carry out processes on the workstation

● Validated processes that allow you to reduce the number of errors in the workplace

Additional use cases of XR Pick-to-Light include:

● Training activities with recording capabilities

● Quality control


As you can already understand, the XR Pick-to-Light system from FroXx-Industries is designed to simplify the process of assembling cars in factories. This solution uses Mixed Reality to provide step-by-step guidance to correctly assemble parts.

Thanks to FroXx's solution, assembly line operators can reduce errors and use the glasses in a variety of situations. In other words, XR Pick-to-Light is an indispensable assistant and guide that greatly simplifies and improves the process of assembling parts.

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