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Surging Popularity of Remote Visual Assistance And It’s Benefits

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

The COVID-19 disrupted the normal business processes. However, it also gave rise to the latest technologies for a smooth workflow. It coerced businesses and organizations to adopt remote working solutions. From face-to-face meetings, people started with video call conferencing. From working in an office, people shifted to work from home.

However, some types of work cannot exactly take place from a home’s comfort. For example, a computer repair can’t take place at your home or even through a video call.

Here comes the role of remote visual assistance. Its popularity is surging due to its exceptional uses. First, it allows people to get a touchless service experience. It helps achieve several business objectives such as time-saving, cost-effectiveness, and reliability.

How Does Visual Assistance Help?

Remote Visual Assistance technology helps businesses to provide their services to clients remotely. You wouldn’t have to send someone to the customer to resolve their issues as a business. Instead, you can connect with them over the Remote Visual Assistance app and help them solve the problems step by step.

The remote visual assistance technology doesn’t necessitate customers to show their faces to the experts. Instead, they can directly show the issues. Then, the experts can highlight the points or places requiring changes and talk the customers through the fixing process effectively.

Significant Benefits of Remote Visual Assistance

As discussed above, remote visual assistance helps to reduce costs since everything can take place remotely through a call resolution to problems. Some of the benefits it provides include:

1. Effortless and Convenient

Remote visual assistance is a hassle-free way of solving issues since it works through a smartphone. It’s a simple process and makes tasks more manageable.

2. Enhanced Productivity

It allows the expert to understand the customer’s issue quickly, and they can take notes, which wouldn’t be possible through on-site work. It even enhances the productivity of sectors such as inspections, maintenance.

3. Quicker Response

Often some cases need urgent response. Remote visual assistance helps with quicker responses since the customer and the expert are only an app away. This technology uses video and several other AR tools that help to understand the problem and implement solutions quickly.


Remote visual assistance is the future technology enabling us to work faster, better, and more straightforwardly. It even leads to a 30% reduction in time of solving errors and has a 20% improvement in call resolving rate.

Whether you're looking to reduce costs, increase efficiency or improve customer satisfaction, FroXx Visual Assistance is the perfect solution for your business in a permanent remote environment.

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