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The Importance of Digital Transformation: A Business Necessity

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

The world has been moving at a very quick pace, and both individuals and businesses are compelled to adapt to the changing trends. Businesses have altered their entire way of operation in the last few years. One thing to understand here is that businesses had been investing in Digital Transformation way before the pandemic made it a condition to their survival. Before the pandemic, companies had to invest in Digital Transformation to improve their efficiency and productivity, now they are doing it to stay relevant.

Back in 2019, Forbes reported that out of all the companies that had a goal of transforming to more digitalized operation, only 7% were actually able to achieve their goal, which means that the rest of the companies were unprepared for the pandemic that was coming in the following year.

What should companies consider to achieve their Digital Transformation goals in the current world?

Change is always difficult, and when you are looking for Digital Transformation in your business, that may mean that you’ll have to slightly change your organization’s culture and traditional practices. But you should explain to your employees and all the stakeholders why the change is necessary for the business. You should give them a reason for the change so that they can understand it and stand behind its idea. The responsibility falls on the shoulders of top management to make sure that everyone is on board with the change.

This is why we have identified four crucial points to succeed in achieving Digital Transformation;

• Have a digital mindset,

• Explain why transformation is necessary,

• Set the right goals,

• Focus on the user.

Digital Transformation is a great accelerator for businesses. However, it is still challenging for some businesses to keep up with emerging technologies. Why is that?

Different businesses have different reasons for Digital Transformation. Some want to improve their internal processes, while others want to transform so that they can provide a better service to their customers. So, your Digital Transformation will be based on your desired outcome.

How new technologies like Mixed and Augmented Reality are pushing boundaries and moving businesses into Industry 4.0?

The Tech industry is a very fast-moving sector, and we see new innovations almost every day. Many of these innovations are in the field of Augmented and Mixed Reality. Take, for example, the Metaverse. The design, development, and functionality are all based upon technologies such as Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Blockchain.

At FroXx, we also believe in a human-centered approach to solving complex challenges for our clients. We do believe in the importance of innovative technology. We are currently working intensively on innovative solutions using new technologies such as eXtended Reality and Blockchain for infrastructure and telecommunication companies.

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