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Visual Assistance For Home Appliances

Nowadays, household appliances are an integral part of every person's life. Everyone has long been accustomed to using dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, and other technical devices that simplify our lives. But unfortunately, household appliances sometimes fail and it may be necessary to repair them.

Given that we live in the age of digital transformation, now there are methods that allow customer service agents to diagnose remotely a problem and in some cases help the device owners to fix a problem with remote support from a customer service agent. So today we will talk about Visual Assistance from FroXx Industries.

What is Visual Assistance?

Visual Assistance is a web application through which a person who has encountered a breakdown or malfunction of a household appliance can get advice or detailed instructions via a video session using annotations (e.g texts,graphics) on how to solve the problem.

How Does Visual Assistance Work?

Visual Assistance simplifies communication between Home Appliance manufacturers and users. Let's look at an example of how a customer session with a customer service agent happens.

1. First, the manufacturer creates a web page with a process flow to collect contact information and other relevant data from the user (e.g. customer, field technician) who is looking for help.

2. The Visual Assistance app will then send the user a link (e.g. email, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram) for a video call.

3. Next, the user opens the link and starts a video call with a service agent.

4. The agent sees what the user sees through the camera of their mobile device.

5. The agent guides the user step-by-step through the appropriate procedures, providing real-time verbal and visual instructions (e.g., notes, drawings) on the screen of their mobile device. This will allow the agent to diagnose and, if possible, fix the problem remotely.

6. If the problem cannot be diagnosed or solved remotely, the service agent will schedule a home / site visit for an engineer or have the appliance collected for repair or replacement.

The Visual Assistance application can also be integrated with a third-party support provider. As for the scope of use, Visual Assistance can be used to provide top-level support for various categories of home appliances (TVs, smart devices, IoT devices, washing machines, ovens, and other home appliances). Also, extended ISP service support can be applied to the initial investigation of a potential problem.

Visual Assistance Key Features

Now let’s look at the key features of Visual Assistance from FroXx.

● Web-based: no need to download and install an app.

● One-click session request.

● Invitation link by email / SMS / WhatsApp via Twillio.

● Video streaming and photo mode with screen sharing.

● Real-time information sharing.

● File sharing.

● Self-ticketing system (with a history of customer tickets).

● Drawing based annotations: pointer, free-hand drawings, arrows, circles, rectangles, text to markers.

● 256-bit AES End-to-End Encryption.

● Stream freeze mode.

● Chat sessions.

● HD VoIP.

● Web API.

Visual Assistance Key Benefits

The main benefits of Visual Assistance are:

• Reduction in the number of home / site visits

• Increase in first-call resolution rate

• More effective use and sharing of expertise (e.g., experts do not necessarily have to travel to site if they can support a less experienced engineer remotely)


As you can understand, Visual Assistance is a very convenient solution that allows home appliance owners to repair with the assistance of a technician. This web application is based on video communication which allows the client support agent to guide the user and give detailed instructions on how to repair or replace parts of household appliances.

Considering all the advantages of Visual Assistance, this solution will become an indispensable assistant in the life of every person, which will help save time and money.

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