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Visual Assistance

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A corporate web-based solution that enables visual interaction on a user’s mobile device screen. This facilitates collaborative, high resolution-rate support for customers and field technicians.

How does it work?

1. The Customer Support specialist sends a message with an access link for a video call to the customer or field technician.

2. The customer or field technician starts the video call on their mobile device with just one click. They don’t need to download an app.

3. The Customer Support specialist sees what the customer or field technician sees through the camera of their mobile device.

4. The Customer Support specialist guides the customer or field technician through the relevant procedures step-by-step by providing real-time verbal instructions and visual guidance (e.g. notes, drawings) on their mobile device’s screen.

FroXx Visual Assistance Invitation Link

Key features

Key Features of FroXx Visual Assistance tool.png
  • Web-based: no app needed​

  • One-click session request​

  • Invitation link by email/SMS/any messenger​

  • Video stream and photo mode with screen sharing​

  • Real-time information sharing ​

  • Session recording​

  • File sharing​

  • Self-ticketing system (with history of customer tickets)​

  • AR-based annotations: pointer, free-hand drawings, arrows, circles, rectangles, text to markers​

  • 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption​

  • Screen freeze mode​

  • Chat sessions​

  • HD VoIP​

  • Web API

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