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About Us

FroXx-Industries is an innovative scale-up company that develops Extended Reality (XR) based solutions and services, such as remote visual assistance, and provides project-based solutions and system integration services.


FroXx Industries team.png
FroXx Industries team.png
FroXx Industries team.png

The team

At the core of FroXx-Industries is our leadership team - a powerhouse of industry veterans who collectively bring more than 100 years of experience in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. They have an impressive track record in fostering innovation, managing diverse IT Managed Services portfolios, which include Field Services and IT Operations, and managing customer engagements. Their deep industry expertise and visionary leadership have been instrumental in shaping the direction and success of our company.

Our vision

We aim to create a seamless interaction between people, technology, and processes for a better workplace and world. We believe that the real power of Industry 4.0 lies in this integrative interaction of people with technology. It is this vision that guides our approach to every project and drives our commitment to helping our customers succeed in an increasingly digital world and create a superior user experience for their customers and workforce. 

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