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FroXx GmbH launches an Innovation Lab and Experience Center

Potsdam, Germany, September 23, 2021

German start-up FroXx has announced the completion of its Innovation Lab and Experience Center that promotes the innovation process, from ideation to a new product or service launch. Today we will talk about the Lab and innovation and digitalization processes with Vasile Nedelcu, Chief Technologist at FroXx GmbH.  

- Hello, Vasile. Tell us about the role of the Innovation Lab and Experience Center , and what you are focusing on.

- The Innovation Lab and Experience Center is a space for inspiration and curiosity to blossom and grow. It is a haven for fresh ideas to be shared, experimented with, and built to contribute to the next generation of industry.

The pace of technology adoption is accelerating from a consumer and an industrial perspective. The way we consume and interact with content has reached a new level. Day-to-day industrial processes are changing, and all of this is driven by 5G. 5G provides substantial bandwidth where needed as well as significantly lower latency, resulting in better communication between connected devices and better management of the energy used by device-to-device communication. Technologies such as virtualization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and fully immersive experiences are key components that power the use, cases and business models that are expected to come with 5G.

One of the current focus areas of FroXx GmbH is capitalizing on 5G offerings and the democratization of immersive technologies to become the preferred partner to onboard companies and to reach the next level of digital transformation.

- What are the challenges companies may face in the transition to digitalization, and how you are helping to facilitate this process?

- Companies on their digitalization journey, whether they are adopting technologies individually or planning a digital transformation overhaul, usually face huge issues in testing, measuring, and evaluating technology before implementing it. The Innovation Lab and Experience Center eases the burden of evaluating technologies, foreseeing risks, mitigating errors, and providing scalability.

A Proof of Concept (PoC) provides “DOs” and “DON’Ts” during the pre-development process. It highlights the errors and risks at an early stage. Pre-development addresses the implementation of necessary requirements and tests the solution before going live. And it is now an environment for 3D remote services for Telecom and data centers to run maintenance and preventive operations. A report from PwC Innovation Benchmark shows that 54% of organizations find it difficult to connect innovation strategy with business strategy. According to Professor Clay Christensen at Harvard Business School, 95% of new products fail and this is because traditional organizations tend to be resistant to change and innovation. They may have unstructured investments in new technologies, or may even be concerned about their reputation or their financial stability. At the same time, as the world is changing the need to incorporate new technologies is unavoidable for a business to flourish. Consider an Innovation Lab as a place where you can try out unconventional ideas and successfully prove their impact on your daily activities. By also addressing critical industry challenges, you are not only mitigating risks but also enhancing common business operations.

- Thank you very much, Vasile. I am looking forward to hearing more about the successful projects of FroXx’s Innovation Lab and Experience Center very soon.

Contact Information:

Nicky Babayeva, Head of MarCom and Art Director

Potsdam, Germany

+90 554 6899300


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